Gasketed VitaCarry Pillbox – 6+1

Gasketed VitaCarry Pillbox

Gasketed VitaCarry 6 + 1™


Keeping pills fresh, secure, and organized – it’s what we do best. This vitamin organizer is the direct result of consumer demand. The Gasketed VitaCarry pillbox has a full gasket which makes it airtight and watertight and therefore effective against moisture and oxidation concerns. The pill dispenser can be locked securely, but the spring-loaded mechanism assures simple release.

This large pillbox has 7 roomy compartments and an be used as your weekly pill box – One for each day of the week. Although the Gasketed VitaCarry pillbox is large enough to hold up to 150 tablets, it is still small enough to fit into your purse or pocket.

$11.95 each (plus $4.99 shipping and handling for the first item and an additional $1.00 for each item thereafter.)