Automatic Pill Reminder

Advanced Alarm Pill Reminder

Automatic Pill Reminder


Advanced features like the “NEXT ALARM” prominently displayed on our Electronic Reminder System will keep you on schedule throughout the day. Intuitive programming, missed pill functionality, and a convenient backlight make this item a daily “must have” when planning a day’s supplements or medicines.

You can program this electronic pill reminder with up to 7 different times of day, which is more than any other pill medication reminder on the market. When the alarm goes off, the display blinks (to allow a visual reminder), and you can program it to either sound an alarm, or vibrate, or both.

Our automatic pill alarm timer can be purchased here separately or, if desired, may be purchased with our Gasketed VitaCarry Pillbox (which assures airtight/watertight protection) as our Advanced Alarm Pill Reminder.

$25.95 each (Free shipping for US orders.)