VitaCarry Handheld Power Pill Grinder®

VitaCarry Handheld Power Pill Grinder

New! VitaCarry Handheld Power Pill Grinder®


As seen on Good Morning America, this is an essential gadget for seniors.  Our most powerful model ever just released!  Fast and portable, VitaCarry’s Handheld Power Pill Grinder is easy. More convenient than a conventional pill crusher, an old fashioned mortar and pestle, or hand-powered pill grinder, VitaCarry’s automatic Pill Grinder leaves all of its competitors in the dust.


Easy to use for adults, children, or even pets who have trouble swallowing large pills. You can simply grind their tablet-type pills straight in to their food or beverage. The grinding cartridge is easily removed for safe cleaning by hand or in the dishwasher.


Our VitaCarry electronic pill grinder is small enough to fit in your purse or pocket making it super convenient to use with your vitamin and medicine pill tablets.


$39.95 each (Free shipping for US orders.)

Dick DeBartolo has a great discussion on this product at GizWiz and it was featured on Good Morning America’s Essential Gadgets for Seniors.

Your NEW VitaCarry Power Pill Grinder can turn large, hard to swallow pills into a fine powder in just a few seconds. No more struggling with clumsy, manual pill crushers.

Am ideal accessory or gift for:

  • Caregivers
  • Elderly
  • Patients w/dysphagia
  • Children
  • Pets

The Power Pill Grinder distributes grounds where you want them - over food, in a drink or in a container for a later time. Save them inside the chamber or even distribute them with the handy dispensing tray – included.


Power Pill grinder

Power Pill grinder


After you have finished using it, remove the cutting gear assembly for cleaning. It is dishwasher safe for your convenience. It does require 3 AAA batteries (rechargeable included) and comes with a charger.

ALWAYS consult your doctor first. (NOT for Hard Coated, Time Release or Gel Caps)

The NEW Power Pill Grinder is available today and comes with a One Year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty.